• ErgoGI

    Witness our animation of the ErgoGI system, showcasing its innovative function in grinding and evacuating blood and debris during upper gastrointestinal procedures, ensuring optimal camera clarity. 
  • IR-Med-Sensing the Invisible

    In this captivating video animation, we are presenting IR-Med's pioneering infrared spectroscopy and AI analysis platform, delivering groundbreaking products for point-of-care solutions, decision support, and enhanced patient care within multi-billion-dollar markets 
  • PyCath by Medyria

    Check out our animation video highlighting Medyria's PyCath microcatheter, a groundbreaking tool for precisely diagnosing cardiac ischemia in both obstructive and non-obstructive coronary diseases. 
  • Luseed vascular

    See how MVR presents the advantages of ARC. The Luseed Vascular cerebral aneurysm implant through this animated video. 
  • Intimo Medical

    Watch this video animation to see how MVR highlights the advantages of the IU3D by Intimo. A revolutionary intrauterine device for the prevention of unintended pregnancies. 
  • HVT

    An animation video showcasing the Splitter device, by HVT Medical, an innovative tool for modifying degenerative prosthetic aortic valve before secondary TAVI procedures.
  • Novelrad

    MVR's video animation is presenting Novelrad’s minimally invasive cardiovascular suturing device, that delivers a single continuous suture, for easy and effective repair of cardiovascular anatomy.
  • OnePass Medical

    A video animation we've created to present the InstaFan. A multitasking device developed by OnePass Medical for the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.
  • Pulsenmore Promotional

    Promotional video we’ve created to present Pulsenmore’s home ultrasound device for self-scan by connecting the smartphone to a handheld ultrasound cradle.
  • Mego Afek Ballancer® Platinum

    In this production we integrated video footage with 3d animations we’ve created, to present the extraordinary power of the Ballancer® Platinum system by Mego Afek, to provide wave-like lymphatic drainage massage for aesthetic purposes.
  • VALFIX Medical

    An animation video we created to present the transcatheter system developed by VALFIX, to treat heart patients suffering from Functional Mitral Regurgitation (FMR).
  • Pythagoras Medical

    By visualizing the Pythagoras diagnostic catheter in action as it maps the renal sympathetic nerves, we helped them to present its advantages to all viewers.
  • Human Extensions

    MVR was chosen to highlight the advantages of Human Extensions HandX™, an electromechanically controlled device for advanced laparoscopic surgeries, in this unique animation video.
  • Cuspa Medical

    In this video animation, MVR is visualizing the Cusper™ device, by Cuspa Medical - an artificial cusp that is attached to the native aortic valve for the treatment of valve insufficiency.
  • Synaxis by InVatin

    MVR's video animation is presenting Invatin's stroke prevention stent, designed to divert blood clots away from the brain, using an intuitive approach during vascular catheterization.
  • Precision™ by Limaca Medical

    Our video animation presents Precision™ by Limaca Medical. The next generation endoscopic ultrasound-guided biopsy device for precision medicine, for improved diagnosis of the gastrointestinal system and adjacent organ tumors.
  • Keystone Heart

    MVR's 3D animation presents Keystone Heart’s TriGuardTM - A cerebral embolic protection device that protects the brain from emboli to reduce the risk of brain infarcts during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), atrial fibrillation ablation (AF ablation) and other structural heart procedures.
  • ByCross by Taryag Medical

    Our 3D animation video presents ByCross. A single use atherectomy device developed by Taryag Medical, for restoring blood flow in chronic total occlusion of peripheral vessels.
  • PregnanTech

    MVR was hired to create the animation segments, presenting the principles of action of the Lioness, a smartly structured silicone ring placed around the uterine cervix, developed by PregnanTech to prevent preterm birth.
  • O2Cure

    MVR's animation video for O2Cure’s novel blood-gas exchanger shows its innovative design made of cutting-edge materials using vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, aimed at replacing current-standard blood oxygenators.
  • SetBone Medical

    Our video animation for SetBone Medical presents their novel acrylic-based bone augmentation cement, used in kyphoplasty procedures.
  • Cardiac Implants

    Our video animation for Cardiac Implants annuloplasty system, designed to repair tricuspid valve regurgitation using a unique proprietary two-stage therapy modality.
  • ConTipi Medical

    ProVate is a novel non-invasive, disposable treatment option for women’s easy home management of cervical/vault descent.
  • Zmed-Laser FemiFine

    This MVR video features FemiFine by Zmed-Laser, an advanced in-clinic laser-based vaginal treatment solution, a non-ablative deep thermal effect that resolves a wide range of vaginal atrophies, quick and painless.
  • liberDi

    Game-changing liberDi portable dialysis system is presented in this video, emphasizing this smart system’s key benefit of performing peritoneal dialysis (PD) at home.
  • Zmed-Laser

    MVR created the animated video for Zmed-Laser, the new standard in minimally invasive laser innovation for assisted office hysteroscopy, targeting uterus polyps, myomas, and septum treatment.
  • Pulsenmore

    Expecting parents can follow up on their baby during pregnancy using the mobile-based ultrasound scanner PulseNmore, also enabling cardiology, orthopedics, and other scans, as our video shows.
  • Impulse Dynamics

    MVR created the 3D motion clip for the Optimizer Smart implantable device, trailblazing treatment of moderate to severe heart failure.
  • AlphaTau Medical

    Alpha Tau Medical developed Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy), for highly potent treatment of solid tumors. MVR created and produced an animation video visualizing this novel technology.
  • B.R.H Medical

    BRH-A2 is a clinically proven noninvasive wound healing system, fusing two medical therapies into one integrated system, ultrasound and electrical field stimulation. Our clip shows this groundbreaking solution in action.
  • SynAgile

    Our collaboration with SynAgile created an impactful video that presents OraFuse, a patient-friendly noninvasive device for controlling the continuous delivery of drugs.
  • Escala Medical

    MVR joined forces with Escala Medical to produce 3D animation for their new nonsurgical incision-free solution that repairs pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Amnis Therapeutic

    Golden Retriever is an ultra-thin wire tube device used for clot retrieval. MVR provided the motion imagery for this innovation by Amnis Therapeutic.
  • Carbofix

    Our animation for Carbofix focuses on providing user instructions for CarboClear. This unique pedicle screw system is made of an innovative carbon fiber reinforced polymer.
  • Embolitech

    MVR created the animation clip that introduces Thrombomatrix, an advanced intravascular system for the capture and removal of organized thrombi and emboli, developed by Embolitech.
  • Renal Dynamics

    To animate Renal Dynamic's new denervation catheter, we insightfully also focused on the novel multi-electrode ablation technology behind the system, geared to deliver a pre-determined RF ablation set for treatment of resistant hypertension.
  • LithiBlock

    Our clip of Lithiblock shows this breakthrough nonsurgical device, offering an alternative for surgical gallbladder removal.
  • Fidmi Medical

    Fidmi designed a low-profile enteral feeding device, for which MVR created the 3D motion clip.
  • Inspire MD's CGuard

    MVR was called upon to visualize this embolic protection stent for the carotid artery, wrapped with a micro-net mesh that prevents embolic events during and post CAS procedures.
  • Omeq Medical

    Our partnership with Omeq Medical resulted in a unique animation of their smart device, which connects to a standard epidural needle, providing doctors with a revolutionary way to verify that the needle accurately reached the epidural space.
  • MST

    Our clip delves deeper into MST's AutoLap image-guided laparoscope positioning system. This system provides precise laparoscope movement and positioning, with complete and natural surgeon control alongside minimal user interaction.
  • Medinol

    Our animation video presents the NIRxcell Cobalt Chrome stent system developed by Medinol. Its flexible spring-tip enables smooth delivery through calcified vessels.
  • Lumenis

    In a collaborative joint-effort with Lumenis, MVR and Movie Group produced an animation for AcuPulse, a safe, simple, and cost-effective CO2 laser. It combines treatment versatility with reproducible results, to offer a multitude of capabilities with an affordable device.
  • Baronova

    Our animation of TPS (Trans Pyloric Shuttle), a revolutionary weight control device administered through nonsurgical endoscopy to aid in natural weight-loss, helped drive the solution forward.
  • ArTack Medical

    I-Tack, a novel articulated Tacker, helps surgeons improve outcomes of hernia procedures. Our clip presents the Tacker, and demonstrates its capacity.
  • Valve Medical

    Valve Medical asked MVR to create this animation clip for its innovative solution for TAVI procedures, visualizing how the solution operates to insert an artificial aortic valve in a beating heart.
  • Gordian Surgical

    MVR's 3D animation shows this easy-to-use trocar that comes complete with a built-in closure device. Developed by Gordian Surgical, this solution provides a secure suture-anchored fascia closure to dramatically improve laparoscopic procedures.
  • CureTech

    The CT-011, a humanized monoclonal antibody that interacts with PD-1 (a protein associated with the B7-receptor family), exhibits an efficient anti-cancer immune response. MVR produced this clip to illustrate the advantages of this novel solution.
  • FastTack Medical

    MVR visualized the latest development by FastTac, EasySut, an innovative needle-free device geared for faster, safer, and easier fascia closure.
  • Covidien

    MVR's animation clip of Covidien's OneShot system, shows how this irrigated radio-frequency (RF)-based balloon catheter is used to ablate the renal sympathetic nerves, located in the outer wall of the renal arteries.
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