Assaf Klein CEO at Limaca Medical

“As part of our activities to create marketing materials for the Precision™, our endoscopic automated biopsy needle, we approached MVR to create a video animation that will demonstrate our procedure efficiency compared to manual biopsy needles. The MVR team learned the material comprehensively and built us an impressive animation video emphasizing the power of our device. The video contributes significantly to deliver our message during meetings with KOLs and investors.”

Boaz Schwarz CEO at Endomatic

“After a warm recommendation from a colleague, I called Eitan of MVR to create for us an animation video presenting our LAA closure device. The MVR team was kind, fast, and raised incisive questions during the information gathering procedure, all of which brought to light the device’s functioning aspects that could not be seen before. The result was bright and spectacular.

I recommend any company in the technology animation phase to work with MVR.”