Gal Meister CEO at Heracure

“I decided to work with MVR multimedia on an animation of endoscopic devices which we developed at Heracure. The team showed great insight and capacity for understanding our complex clinical technology, and I applaud their ability to turn all this information into a striking animation. I highly recommend MVR to any company in need of medical technology animations.”

Assaf Klein CEO at Limaca Medical

“As part of our activities to create marketing materials for the Precision™, our endoscopic automated biopsy needle, we approached MVR to create a video animation that will demonstrate our procedure efficiency compared to manual biopsy needles. The MVR team learned the material comprehensively and built us an impressive animation video emphasizing the power of our device. The video contributes significantly to deliver our message during meetings with KOLs and investors.”

Boaz Schwarz CEO at Endomatic

“After a warm recommendation from a colleague, I called Eitan of MVR to create for us an animation video presenting our LAA closure device. The MVR team was kind, fast, and raised incisive questions during the information gathering procedure, all of which brought to light the device’s functioning aspects that could not be seen before. The result was bright and spectacular.

I recommend any company in the technology animation phase to work with MVR.”

Dr. Elon Reshef CEO at INVATIN Technologies Ltd

“We hired MVR to present Synaxis, an embolic protection stent we developed that diverts blood clots from the cranial branches. Working with MVR was easy and fluent. The team showed super professionalism, with deep understanding of the anatomical terminology and the material features of the device. I recommend MVR to any medical company that wishes to present their products in a bright and impressive way, to all viewers.”

Prof. Amir Halkin Physician & Inventor

“I collaborated with MVR multimedia on an animation of a cardiac device, for which I was one of the clinical advisors.
The MVR team showed deep understanding in the anatomy and the field of action. I appreciate their power to transform the data to an amazing animation. I definitely recommend MVR to any company that needs medical technology animation.”

Elan Ziv, MD CEO & Medical Director at ConTIPI Medical

“The excellence MVR showed throughout the work process was outstanding. They were highly recommended to us for making the powerful clip we needed for our new product. The service we received was a cut above, all the way from the whiteboard to the screen, MVR was cooperative, willing to assist, and very resourceful in changing scenes even several times to create the perfect close-up imagery. The result is impressive. We now have an excellent self-explanatory animation that is so crucial for our commercialization.”