Prof. Amir Halkin Physician & Inventor

“I collaborated with MVR multimedia on an animation of a cardiologic device, for which I was one of the clinical advisors. The team showed great insight and capacity for understanding our complex clinical technology, and I applaud their ability to turn all this information into a striking animation. I highly recommend MVR to any company in need of medical technology animations.”

Elan Ziv, MD CEO & Medical Director at ConTIPI Medical

“The excellence MVR showed throughout the work process was outstanding. They were highly recommended to us for making the powerful clip we needed for our new product. The service we received was a cut above, all the way from the whiteboard to the screen, MVR was cooperative, willing to assist, and very resourceful in changing scenes even several times to create the perfect close-up imagery. The result is impressive. We now have an excellent self-explanatory animation that is so crucial for our commercialization.”